How to choose the right gas water heater, taking into account all parameters

Despite of widespread modernization of utilities, the quality of the services they provide is very poor. This is especially true for hot water supply. To solve this problem once and for ever you need to buy a gas water heater. How to choose a gas water heater that meets all modern requirements will be discussed in this article.

Capacity of the gas water heater.

Such a parameter of gas water heaters as capacity can be indicated in both kW and l / min. You can find this indicator by looking at the marking of the gas water heater itself or in the device's manual. Most often the capacity is indicated in l / min. To find out the power of the gas water heater you need to know the number of water intake points, that is, by the number of mixers.

It is believed that one mixer is capable of flowing 6-7 l / minute. Let us suppose that the gas water heater is chosen for an apartment in which two mixers are installed, for ex. in bathroom and kitchen. For a comfortable and simultaneous use of hot water in both rooms, a gas water heater with capacity of 10-11 l / min is required. Water heaters LORENZO model 10B and 11V fully comply with this requirement.

Water pressure required

With regard to water pressure, it is necessary to pay attention to such indicator as the minimum pressure at which the gas water heater is switched on. This indicator is very important as it depends on whether the gas column will ever turn on. This is especially important for old buildings where the infrastructure is badly worn and water pipe pressure is too low. It is the best if this figure is not lower than 0.2 bar. LORENZO water heaters are designed and provide stable operation with such minimum water pressure in water pipe.

Types of ignition- what can be and which are better

1.Budget and technically less than perfect devices have a manual type of ignition. It is made by pressing a button and bringing a match to the ignition, it is very inconvenient and unsafe, especially if the gas water heater is in a hard-to-reach place. Moreover, after the start-up the wick continues to burn which is not very economical.

2.Piezo ignition is a type of an electromechanical match integrated into the system, no major advantages compared to manual ignition does not have. It is a mechanical control with a minimum of electronic components. Activation occurs at the click of a button.

3.More modern models, particulary water heaters LORENZO 10V and 11V, are equipped with an automatic electric ignition system. Therefore, if you are thinking about purchasing a modern automatic gas water heater, then it is necessary to stop your choice at this ignition system.

Types of heat exchangers

Classification of heat exchangers is easy done by the production material:

Steel - has a low cost and good corrosion resistance. Products with steel heat exchangers have significant weight, greater reliability.

Simple copper – due to the presence of impurities makes the heating of the heat exchanger uneven and the heat exchanger eventually loses its strength and can be destroyed. To prevent this from happening too quickly, many budget producers process the surface of the nozzles and the heat exchanger with a special heat-resistant paint or a thin layer of tin but there is no tangible benefit from such a "lining" - the item burns out after several years of operation.

Highly purified (oxygen-free) copper has similar to steel mechanical characteristics but the heat output is much higher. Due to this, the efficiency of the device will significantly improve. LORENZO gas heaters are equipped with reinforced copper heat exchangers made of oxygen-free copper (model 11B - weight 2.4 kg, model 10V - weight 2.2 kg) with extended service life.

Security devices – what they are and what is the importance of their availability

If the gas heater is installed in apartments and not in a special room (boiler room, boiler room), then the presence of all listed devices is required:

  • Ionization detector. It disconnects the device in case of flame fading. It is possible to use a special burn sensor. There are models where both systems are installed.
  • Flow detector. It automatically turns on a gas water heater when a tap is opened at any point of the water intake of the DHW system.
  • Draft detector. It blocks the operation of the water heater if the draft in the smoke channel is insufficient. It prevents the filling of the room with carbon monoxide.
  • Detector of low water pressure. The gas heater will not turn on if the water pressure in the system is insufficient. It prevents the heat exchanger from burning out.
  • Water overheating sensor. It disables the device when the temperature reaches a threshold value.

The above list of safety systems is a strong requirement applied to any and every LORENZO gas water heater.

Criteria of choice –summarizing

Before selecting a gas water heater for an apartment or a house, it is necessary to make a list of basic parameters and technical parameters that the water heater must meet.

  • Diameter of a gas pipe and a gas pressure in the pipeline;
  • Intensity of hot water use, number and placement of water intake points;
  • External dimensions;
  • Minimum operating pressure of hot water at the input of the device;
  • Capacity of the gas burner in kW and capacity of the heat exchanger in l / min;
  • Price of the device;
  • Appearance.

In one-room apartments with family up to three people a gas water heater with power of 15-17 kW and with capacity of 8-9 l / min will be quite sufficient. In two and three-room apartments with more than 3 people the minimum required power of 19-21 kW guarantees a productivity of 10-11 l / min.

Based on the foregoing, we can make a perfectly fair conclusion that LORENZO gas water heaters are the best choice in terms of price/quality ratio, safety parameters and guaranteed service life for many years.